My band, Project Grand Slam, recently recorded four of my new tunes. One of them, "New York City Groove", will be our new single and will be released soon. And PGS will be playing at the world famous Blue Note in NYC on July 4th!

My CD “Twenty”, released in Spring 2014, contains 16 of my favorite compositions that I wrote and recorded over a 20-year period as leader of both Project Grand Slam and The Robert Miller Group. The CD has gotten some great reviews!

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"Twenty": "Bassist, composer Robert Miller composed the music for Twenty over a 20-year period as leader of both Project Grand Slam and The Robert Miller Group. There are 16 of Miller's favorites including "Catch You Later", "Heat 2007" and "Cakewalk For Debra". This contemporary jazz seems to age gracefully and the reformed band is appearing at various New York clubs and igniting the flame with this retrospective collection that chronicles Miller's career." - O's Place Jazz Magazine 

"‘Catch You Later’... with a handsome mid tempo groove, this brass-enriched charmer is a real winner!" - Smooth Jazz Therapy 

"'TWENTY' is a fun-filled, retrospective romp with 16 original Robert Miller tunes, including the exciting, brassy single "Catch You Later." So good, you'll wish there were 20 tracks on TWENTY!" ~JONATHAN WIDRAN (

"'Twenty' is an excellent resume of twenty years of Robert Miller's musical career. He and his brilliant musical companions have co-created twenty years in jazz history and hopefully they will go on for the next twenty years!" - Michel's Notes

"'Twenty' is morning music. What do I mean? There is evening music – calming and relaxing. Miller’s music is quite the opposite. Insert the album Twenty into your music player on the way to work and, trust me, you will arrive to your place of work in a great mood, full of energy and capable of achieving anything!" - Jazz Quad

"Project Grand Slam is a spectacular mix of jazz, fusion and rock that combines melody, groove and great improvisation!" - Acid Jazz Magazine


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